Medieval Feasts


Travel back in time, visit our wine cellar and indulge in a real medieval feast in the knight's hall with a fireplace. You can enjoy unlimited consumption of barrel wine together with canapes served on a massive wooden board. Of course, there is an option of having a hearty dinner with a sweet delicacy at the end. Have a try at any type of the feasts and we guarantee you an abundant meal in the Knight's hall.


Celebrations and Weddings

Everybody's life story is unique. Therefore, all the important events are worth celebrating in a special way. Thus, entrust professionals with taking care of your wedding. You will get a professional approach and a guaranteed „tailored“ celebration. We will listen to your demands and try to fulfil your wishes so that you can always remember your wedding day with delight and a smile on your face. A present for the wedding couple – as a wedding gift we offer free accommodation for the bride and the groom, incl. breakfast and an unusual wedding gift.



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